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Irene Carroll


Hire me to Coach/Direct/Teach Improv!

Since the times dictate it all coaching is on ZOOM! We will stay online until it is deem safe to be back in the room. 

My teaching philosophy is helping you be the performer you want to be! I have always followed my own improvisational/theatrical path. I encourage you/your teammates/classmates to do so as well. If this intrigues, inspires & works for you … Then let me tell you a little bit about me… ( This is the next 3 paragraphs or skip over if you trust me! :) 

I have learned a plethora of things from a great many directors, teacher and personal mentors. I worked with Gary Austin (founder of the Groundlings), Michael J. Gellman (the former dean of students at Second City Chicago), David Razowsky (Second City – Chicago & LA), Scotty Watson (Second City – Toronto), Kevin Scott (former AD of Maui Improv & Centralia) & Matt Higgins (also Centralia, NYC) Ralph Buckley (Second City – Chicago & The Yes Show).

I was Gotham City Improv most recent Artistic Director (coaching 2 improv teams and a sketch team.) I currently am on of the  "master teacher" with ANDTheatre Company. Plus, I have coached several indie teams. I have now started IRENE CARROLL IMPROV which is a safe place for you to find out how to improvise and work with others! I support people in their improv journeys and believe everyone is on their own track to tell stories. 

I have created and produced, The Mashed Up Show (an indie-improv show for my NYC improv community.) I have produced and performed in Gary Austin's The Classroom (an organic interactive improvisational theatre show.) I am on several independent teams which include, The Internet Disagrees, Yes, Please  and 3.14 pronounced Pie. I have also regularly sat in on, Electoral Disfunction at the PIT. Plus, I have short form experience as a former member of the Yes Show Workshops. This is very handy for when I work with kids/teens!

My focuses when I coach or teach is form, characters, speaking your truth, finding your status, changing your status, feeling your feelings within your scene work, discovering the comedic elements and heightening. 

I believe the space will inform you on the scene you are doing and what the scene is supposed to be about. I work on having people interact with the space, use their space work to help them discover what it is they are doing and why they are there. I also ask you to interact with your scene partner. Establish who you are to each other with simple looks & eye contact. You can tell a lot from a look. It's highly important to me, to establish this before even speaking. The freedom you will find in this kind of work, is exciting. You won't ever say, "I'm in my head" ever again.

I practice what I teach… Get in touch and learn new skills for your improvisation tool box. 


Photos by Stephen Thornton & ME! 

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