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Irene Carroll 

Stats: 5'7, Weight: 190

Eyes: Brown, Hair: Grey
Degree: Drama & Philosophy 
Location: New York, NY
Willing to travel


Can Aerobics - Anna, Excerise Freak - IN Productions

The Honking Dead - The Forest Honker - Baritone Army Productions

Bad Sherlock - Girl at Coffee Shop - Amato Productions 

Going to the Airport - Mrs. May - GCI productions 



English - various

Irish - Dublin

Learn new dialects quickly! 



Together Alone - Alexis - ANDTheatre Company Eclectics (Theatre 54, NYC)

Terry, Jaime & Satan - Satan - Emily Brock - ANDTheatre Company (The Triad, NYC) 

Buried In Time - Charlotte - Scotty Watson - ANDTheatre Company (Theatre 54, NYC)

I'm a Terrorist - Brianna - Scotty Watson - ANDTheatre Company (The Triad, NYC)

48st Exercise - Solo - Gary Austin - ANDTheatre Company (Shetler Studios, NYC)

The Classroom - The Teacher, Emily - Gary Austin - ANDTheatre Company 

Family Matters - Michael Gellman - ANDTheatre Company 

1 MacGuffin Place - Michael Gellman - ANDTheatre Company

Game Play - Ginnie - Michael Gellman – ANDTheatre Company  

The Jam - Felicity - Gary Austin - AND Theatre Company

The Best IN Show - Danger Nun, Elizabeth, Lou, Joy - Scotty Watson - IN Studios
Star Wars Show - Quark, Sandra, Sand Person  - Scotty Watson – IN Studios
Twilight Zone - Lisa, Ella, Lottery Girl - Scotty Watson - IN Studios 

iLove Show - Sarah, Elodie, Martha - Scotty Watson - IN Studios

The Passover Show - Mary, Blind Women - Scotty Watson - IN Studios  





Voice Over


Drivers License 



License Fire Guard 


Hillary Clinton's Song Cycle: Witness, FRINGENYC & Baltimore Fringe

We're All Here Now - Director & Writer, ANDBenefit, The Triad, NYC

AirBnB - Director, Eclectic Short Play Festival, ANDTheatre Company

Child-like Labtops - Director, Eclectic Short Play Festival, ANDTheatre Company

Family Matters - Asst. Director to Michael Gellman, ANDTheatre Company

The Former Republic of... Sketch Fest - The Pit Underground 

The Frogs, The Witch & The Whismsy, Gotham City Improv - The COW

Gotham City's Finest - The COW

Gotham City Twisted Tales - The COW

The Honking Dead - Baritone Army Productions - Webseries

Bad Sherlock - Amato Productions - Webseries

The Attendant - Manhattan Theatre Source - Estrogenius Festival

Buy and Buy - Manhattan Theatre Source - Estrogenius Festival 

I Have It... - Manhattan Theatre Source - Estrogenius Festival 


Created Irene Carroll Improv 

A place of adults/teens/kids to explore their creative selves.

ANDTheatre Company

One of the resident Improvisational SeniorTeaching Staff within the company

Artistic Director for Gotham City Improv 

in 2014-2015

Cultivating 2 improv teams and a sketch team with Live Shows and Viral Videos

Studies in Long Form Improvisation, Short Form Improv, Musical Improv, Voice Over, Mask & More

with Gary Austin, David Razowsky, Michael Gellman, Scotty Watson, Kevin Scott, Matt Higgins, Ralph Buckley, Israel Savage, Deb Rabbai, Andy Roth, Alex Fradera

The Catholic University of America - Drama 

w/ Roland Reed, Caroline McGee, Dr. Gary Williams, Noam Panovski, Gary Sloan, Gail Beach, Tom Donahue

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