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Gary Austin, the founder of the Groundlings left a true legacy in his wake.

To honor the brilliance of Gary Austin's work, we perform this form he created 

called The Classroom.

What is The Classroom?

Think, the Learning Annex, but with a twist.

This improvisational form is rooted in theatre and created instantly on the spot. The Students are taught a subject unknown to them. The only person aware of the "subject" that is about to be taught is the teacher themselves. Yet, we never know who the teacher will be until their name drawn from the bucket, by an audience member. One of the many reasons we say, "watch us break all the 'rules.' " 

To honor Gary we renamed this show to include his name 


Due to COVID we are strictly online for now.

Stay Tuned for our next Facebook Live Show! 

The Alumni Cast is ... 

Avery Nelson Barger, Irene Carroll, Michael Coyne, Lulu French,

Mark Hudson, Katie Lazarus, Catherine Santino, Mike Sause

Tirosh Schneider, Stephen Thornton, Scotty Watson and Jared Wilder

Recently ONLINE See our Facebook Page for more info

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